Lakewood is situated around West Little Lake. In order to maintain the purity of this beautiful lake and protect fish stocks, controls have been put in place.

All surface water features, including the lake, streams and wetlands are protected by buffers of natural vegetation. Existing buffers have been retained around the development to provide separation from adjacent land use.

Tree and habitat protection plans are in place for all greenspace areas as well as for the private lots. Owners will be able to build within a ½ acre building envelope and the balance of the lot will be preserved in its natural state, excepting private walking paths.

Protection plans for all vegetation and wildlife have been set up to maintain the overall forested appearance of the site and ensure co-existence with the wildlife.

Existing wildlife will be retained and, through management techniques, possibly enhanced!

Through detailed planning in collaboration with the community's own environmental plans and various government agencies, over 230 acres of the site have been designated as Nature Preservation, Tree and Habitat Protection or Recreational Zones.

Lakewood… Committed to Environmental Preservation